Herefordshire Breech-Loading Rifle Association

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Full-bore Rifle: Historic and modern

Rim-fire Rifle

Practical Shotgun

Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and S.Wales

Herefordshire Breech-Loading Rifle Association promotes safe and responsible use of firearms. Established in 1997, HBRA boast strong membership with diverse interests from period Black powder to historic and veteran military to modern target rifle

Home Office registered club

Herefordshire Breech-Loading Rifle Association is Home Office registered and approved

Are you interested in joining a rifle club, but not sure where to start? Then HBRA might just be for you! We offer a wide spectrum of activities across three shooting grounds. Our shooting ranges allow for target shooting from 25 to 200 meters. HBRA also have woodland for Practical shotgun (PSG) and occasional Clay Pigeon shooting
Beginners will soon feel at home amongst our friendly membership with lots of encouragement and support along the way. Please get in touch for more information